EA Sports NHL ’98 (1997)

Audio Lead | Composer | Sound Design | Post-Production

These are some seriously heavy songs that Saki and I did. There was a bit of humour going on behind them. A couple of the songs explode at the end which was a bit of laugh. There’s also a song where it sounds like R2D2 is getting tortured. We sampled our own drum sounds on this one with a drummer named Paul Brennan. The tunes were mixed by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall.


12 thoughts on “EA Sports NHL ’98 (1997)”

  1. 98 I think clearly had the best music of all NHLs that you guys did. No lyrics like these modern day NHL games, just music. Brilliance. And I have 96-99 (miss playing those on those old Windows 95 comps as a kid)

  2. absolutely brilliant music. I play NHL 98 to this day. One reason is the players from back then. The other reason is this fantastic menu music. It added so much to the game, nowadays NHL menu music just sucks.

  3. NHL ’98 is Seriously and Truthfully one of my favorite “albums” of music ever created. I spent 100s of hours listening to this and recently discovered again. It is a MASTERFUL piece of work.

  4. Very, very cool of you to post your past music on here Jeff. Was awesome to flip through many of my old favourites on here. NHL was never the same without your music to accompany it. Such a pivotal highlight of the series back then. Thanks again and best wishes.

    PS. NHL 98 is still in my top 3 OSTs to this day. It will never get old.

  5. Jeff, I would like to interview you for an article that I am writing about NHL ’98. Please contact me if you are interested.

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