Assault Android Cactus and OST Released!


Tim Dawson, Sanatana Mishra and myself are pleased to announce the release of our game Assault Android Cactus for Windows, OS X and LINUX! We’ve also released the OST as a bundle on Steam as well as on all major online music shops. This game has been 3 years in the making and we’ve poured our heart and soul into it. We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved and we hope you all have as much fun playing it as we did creating it.

Steam Store Page


Grab the soundtrack at these fine stores:  iTunes   Bandcamp   Amazon

4 thoughts on “Assault Android Cactus and OST Released!”

  1. You did an absolutely awesome job on the OST, I love the game, the style and your music, you never cease to amaze ever since the classic NFS days. Big kudos to you!

  2. I really really wished there was a possiblity for a physical release. The soundtrack is fantastic. Gives off those NfS vibes.

      1. Thanks so much for the info, Jeff. I’m really looking forward to it! (and hope it will be available for non-US citizens too)

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